Box Wood Rights of Way Application

Can you help with the Box Wood Public Rights of Way Application?

Box Wood has been used by residents of Stevenage for many years for recreational use and peaceful enjoyment. The leasehold of Box Wood was owned by the Forestry Commission from 1956 and was then privately owned from 1986. The wood has now been sold again with a new owner selling smaller plots at auction for vastly inflated prices. Adverts for the sale included misleading computer-generated images suggesting the site could be used for housing. Any housing development in Box Wood is extremely unlikely due to it being an ancient replanted woodland and the historic earthworks being a scheduled monument. East Herts District Council has also recently put in place Tree Preservation Orders to protect all of the trees and an article 4 direction which restricts the erection of fence, gates and other structures.

Councillor Tom Wren is seeking to have the paths within Box Wood recognised as Public Rights of Way so they can continue to be used by the residents of Stevenage. To make an application for a right of way, a path needs to have been in use for a period in excess of 20 years. To demonstrate this, witness statements need to be provided by people who have used the paths through the wood. Not all witnesses need to have used the paths for the full 20 years. It may be that we can demonstrate the full 20 years of usage between many users. If you would like to help the application and provide a witness statement please download the form below or contact Tom Wren. 

Please could you return any completed forms to Councillor Wren either electronically to [email protected] or hardcopy to 13 Scott Road, Stevenage, SG2 0BZ

Download the form here: Right of Way User Evidence Statement


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