Chells' appearance gets a spruce up thanks to Lib Dem Councillors

Councillor Robin Parker says, "I am pleased to report that the local street scene at The Glebe, Chells Way, has been recently improved by the installation of 3 new banners, to replace, like for like, the three old, tatty, faded, threadbare ones which had been hanging there and were a real eyesore."

Chells banners both before and after


The work was completed promptly recently by Stevenage Borough Council.

Local Chells Division county councillor and Manor Ward borough councillor, Robin Parker, explained: 

“The banners were originally installed in 2011 by Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) when they refurbished The Glebe, which at the time was done with no consultation with the public or the Lib Dem local councillors. We never particularly liked them, or thought that they were necessary, but after 10 years they looked truly awful.

“It was clear that SBC were not going to replace them from central budgets, and I had received complaints from the public about their appearance - so the 5 local Lib Dem Chells and Manor councillors decided to step in with our local budgets to replace them with identical banners – on the basis that this was the easiest and cheapest way to get the street scene improved.

“Our thanks to the SBC officials and engineers who did the replacement promptly, only a few days after we agreed the funds from our budgets.”


The 5 councillors who funded the project are:

Cllr. Stephen Booth (SBC Chells Ward)

Cllr. Andy McGuinness (SBC Manor Ward)

Cllr. Robin Parker C.C. (HCC Chells Division and SBC Manor Ward)

Cllr. Graham Snell (SBC Manor Ward)

Cllr. Tom Wren (SBC Chells Ward)


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