New Zebra Crossing for Chells

A new zebra crossing is now helping hundreds of local Chells residents cross safely over busy Chells Way, near Tesco at The Glebe.

It was the idea of local Lib Dem Chells County Councillor Robin Parker, who funded the crossing from his Hertfordshire County Council Highways Locality Budget.


Robin Parker says, “People find it difficult to cross Chells Way at busy times and so a new crossing was needed.

I have been working on the planning and funding of the new zebra, along with Highways officers, for about 3 years, so I am very pleased that we have been able to build it successfully in the limited space available. I was also able to provide new pedestrian splays either side, for easier access.

"Our survey showed that most people cross near Tesco, often going to or from the store, so that is where, in consultation with the HCC Highways officers, I decided to place it.

It will provide a safe route for all pedestrians, including many school students from Nobel, Marriotts, Lodge Farm and Camps Hill who need to cross Chells Way. I urge everyone to use this excellent new Road Safety asset.


Safety of local residents has always been a top priority for Robin Parker. Robin continued,

Some residents have queried its closeness to the Chells Way/Mobbsbury Way junction but the Highways engineers said that is the only practical location for it.

I have made sure that there are floodlights on all the other 4 zebra crossings in Chells Division but the designers were clear that this one does not need floodlights. I would be interested in local residents’ views on this aspect of the new crossing.

My observations show that already it is very heavily used, which is excellent, because that was my intention.

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