Under-Resourced Police Struggle to Tackle Rising Knife Crime

Local Liberal Democrats in Stevenage have warned that overstretched police in Hertfordshire are struggling to combat a surge in knife crime, and are calling for additional funding for community police.

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Stevenage Pupils could Benefit from Summer Learning Fund under Lib Dem plans

The Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to commit to a Summer Learning Fund that would support 2443* disadvantaged children across the Stevenage constituency to get ready for returning to school.

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Cllr Robin Parker on Road Closures Around Fairlands Way/Verity Way Roundabout

I receive frequent complaints about the very poor state of the carriageway surface of the roundabout at Fairlands Way/Verity Way, sometimes on local Facebook sites. Be assured that I have been taking this important problem up with HCC for about 2 years now.

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Cllr Tom Wren Needs YOU to Support His Drive for Recognised Rights of Way in Box Wood

Following on from Councillor Parker’s post a few days ago I wanted to provide a bit more information on the process of applying to have the footpaths within Box Wood recognised as public Rights of Way.

The process of designating these as footpaths is known as a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO). The application for a DMMO is submitted to Hertfordshire County Council who will then assess the evidence, consult with interested parties (applicants, landowners, parish and district councils) and make a decision.

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The facts about Boxwood

Local Stevenage Liberal Democrat councillors became aware a few weeks ago of the proposed sale by auction of plots of woodland in parts of Boxwood. Like some others, we have researched the facts from both East Herts District Council (EHDC) and the Forestry Commission.

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Lib Dems call on Stevenage MP to support government review on no deal impact assessments in light of pandemic


Liberal Democrats have called on Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland to back calls for a review of the no-deal Brexit impact assessments in light of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter addressed to the MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson Lisa Nash for the Stevenage Constituency said: "as the Prime Minister continues to refuse to rethink his position on accepting an extension to the transition period, it is time the facts were laid bare about what this will mean for our country."

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Two Kicks In The Teeth In One Day

Stevenage Liberal Democrats described as “very disappointing – but not unexpected” the announcement this week by the Conservative Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, that he would not to ‘call in’ two recent, controversial planning applications for housing developments in Gresley Park and Forster Country.

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Support our call for an enquiry into Covid-19 care home deaths

Liberal Democrats are calling for an independent inquiry into deaths of care home residents from COVID-19 in Hertfordshire. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) say Hertfordshire has one of the highest care homes death tolls from Coronavirus. Hertfordshire Lib Dems have estimated that as many as 500 care home residents may have died from COVID-19 in Hertfordshire.

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Covid-19 deaths in Hertfordshire care homes a mounting concern

Although there are 235 deaths listing COVID 19 registered in Hertfordshire between 10th April and 15th May according the Office of National Statistics, Herts Liberal Democrats have calculated that as many as 500 deaths are likely to have occurred according to figures that the County Council has collected from care homes. The Liberal Democrats have also raised concerns that a far higher number of deaths have occurred in care homes in Watford and Hertsmere than in other districts.

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Should Hertfordshire's primary schools reopen?

The County has to give stronger guidance in helping schools how and when to reopen.

The evidence is clear. Because of the failure to provide adequate testing arrangements, the Government has no scientific basis on which to tell Primary Schools that they should reopen on 1st June. Each and every school has been forced to carry out its own risk assessment in deciding when it will be appropriate to reopen. This must be based on the physical limitations of the school buildings, the number of staff who are able and prepared to come back to their classrooms, and most importantly the number of parents willing to send their children to school. The County Council has to make it clearer to every school that it should feel under no pressure to open unless all these conditions are met.

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