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Is the Guardian is much too partial to Jeremy Corbyn?


Michael meadowcroft writes:

The Guardian is much too partial to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. It has no “known” regular Liberal contributor but it has completely partisan Labour columnists, such as Owen Jones and Polly Toynbee. I do what I can by way of letters but more of us need to put pressure on the paper. Last week the paper carried a completely one-sided diatribe on the Liberal Democrat role in the 2010 Coalition government. I immediately sent a letter in reply. A number of letters were published, some vaguely supportive of Liberal Democrats but there was no full rebuttal.

Liberal Democrat Voice readers should see, and, I hope, feel able to use the material in my unpublished letter, herewith:

Dear Editor

There are some writers who simply cannot resist any opportunity to trot out their catalogue of horrors apparently perpetrated willingly by the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition government. One such is Frances Ryan, (A party reborn? Many of us will never trust the Lib Dems again, 24 July). I am perfectly happy to debate the Liberal Democrats’ Coalition record with her but it is very difficult when she is totally myopic in ignoring the Liberal Democrats achievements in the Coalition. What is worse, her apparent naivety completely fails to acknowledge completely the economic and political context that led to the Coalition.

The country was a bare two years away from the massive bail out of the major banks with the economy still precarious. The electorate had delivered a hung parliament. A coalition with Labour would have produced 315 seats out of 650, ie not a majority. Politically it was hardly possible to put back into office a Labour party that had just lost the election after thirteen years in office. Leaving the Conservatives to head a minority government would not have produced stability and there would have been a further election within months.

We knew the Coalition would be electorally damaging but it was important at that moment to put country before party – something the electorate was forever saying it wanted, but did not then back! Frances Ryan is the Left’s equivalent of the Conservatives ritually parroting that Labour’s spendthrift government had left the economy in a pitiful state. It was not true and in fairness Liberal Democrats have avoided the political gains of copying the Conservatives. It is high time those on the left, such as Frances Ryan, exercised a similar responsibility.

Yours faithfully

Michael Meadowcroft


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